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Vancouver's best in Indian fine dining

When discovering new flavors and dishes, you only want to taste the best. At Indian Oven Tandoori Restaurant, you'll find top quality food and a serving team that knows how you deserve to be treated. You'll feel like you've been transported to a luxurious restaurant in Northern India. That's how authentic our cuisine is! Join us today for lunch or dinner- we can't wait to serve you

Top quality chefs

Many of our dishes are renowned, but by far our most famous is our butter chicken. That's not by accident! Our chef, Boota Khakh, spent two decades of his life cooking in India's best restaurants, including at an international five-star hotel in New Delhi. Chef Khakh never cuts corners when creating his dishes and takes pride in his unique and incredible butter chicken. He uses fresh, boneless, skinless chicken breast, searing it in his authentic charcoal-fueled Indian made clay tandoor creating a complex, sweet pungent, smoky flavour you'll never forget. Try our butter chicken today!

Authentic tandoor oven

How we prepare our food is central to its wonderful taste. We use a tandoor in many of our dish preparations. A "Tandoor" is a clay oven in the shape of an "Ali Baba" basket and is fired by charcoal embers which spread very high heat throughout the clay. This North Indian traditional oven offers incredible versatility in the kitchen. Our naan bread and popular Kebab's could never be made without it, not to mention the amazing flavours and aromas the tandoor creates. For good reason, this oven has popularized and spread Indian cuisine across the world.

Curry preparation

Along with our tandoor ovens, much of what goes into our dishes involves the art of cooking curried food. Cooking curries well takes experience and intense preparation, and is an art in itself. Our curry sauce is prepared with onions, ginger, garlic, fresh and dry spices. We only use fresh meats or vegetables when adding to the sauce. Our dishes can be served at a range of spiciness from mild, medium, hot or extra hot. Pair our curries with one of our delicious fresh baked breads and you'll never be satisfied with just eating rice again.

Join us for a meal today!

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